Embassy of Ghana
Seoul, South Korea
Cultural Cooperation
The Cultural Agreement provides for cooperation in the fields of art, tourism, education, science, technology, health and sports. Korean experts have, indeed, extended training to Ghanaian farmers in modern farming techniques, particularly in the cultivation of high-yielding rice at Asutuare. Korea has been sending volunteers to Ghana to undertake voluntary social work for some time now. This volunteers are mostly students drawn from International Youth Fellowship (IYF) and Korea Internet Volunteers (KIVs).
This trend needs to be encouraged in order to broaden contacts between the two peoples. It is suggested that the agreement be reviewed to include Korean doctors and other professionals highly required with the view to optimize the benefit that Ghana could derive from the Korean experience. Other potential areas of cooperation and exchanges to be explored by both countries for their mutual interest include agriculture, mining, energy, ICT, nuclear science technology, engineering, architecture, town planning, environmental science and waste management and the exchange of ICT teachers from Korea for English teachers from Ghana.
It is also to be observed that in the demonstrative aspect of culture, referring to drumming, dancing and traditional industry, there seems to be similarities between the two countries. Korea takes its traditional culture very seriously and it would be tactically prudent to acquaint the Korean Ambassador in Accra or any visiting Korean dignitary with some of the similarities. In particular a night entertainment can be arranged where the following dances could be performed.
  1. Fontonfrom
  2. Mpintin
  3. Agbadza
  4. Dambai
  5. Akom – spiritual possession (traditional religious practices including the pouring of libation)
With reference to traditional religious practices, Koreans have almost the same traditional religious practices as in Ghana. Theirs is variously called "Shamanism" or totemism which also includes ancestral worship. The Korea Foundation, a state sponsored institution for the preservation and dissemination of Korea tradition and culture invited Ms. Adjoa Yeboah-Afari, the President of the Ghana Journalists Association to visit South Korea in October 2005 to help in the dissemination of Korean culture. In July 2007, Ghana marked 30thAnniversary of fruitful diplomatic relations with South Korea by organizing cultural exchange programmes.
In 2008 Ghanaian Youth Choir performed in South Korea while Korean Cultural Troupe also performed in Ghana to commemorate South Korea's National Day Celebrations. In August 2009, the President of Ghana Journalists Association, Mr. Ransford Tetteh was invited to Korea to share, and exchange ideas on the two countries culture and journalism. Cultural exchanges in today's globalized world is a means of addressing modern problems and issues as clearly indicated in the Millennium Challenge Goals. Indeed inter-cultural interaction and exchanges has always become central to modern form of diplomacy

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