Embassy of Ghana
Seoul, South Korea
Consular Issues
The presence of a large number of Ghanaian migrant labour in Korea makes the issue of consular cooperation an important one in the bilateral relations between the two countries. Because the majority of them are illegal residents, they are extremely vulnerable to unscrupulous employers who underpay them, withhold their salaries and invariably fail to pay adequate compensation when the employees sustain accidents at work places. They are often subjected to arbitrary arrests and deportation by the host Immigration Authorities. This problem will persist so long as individual Ghanaians voluntarily migrate to Korea without proper legal protection in the form of contracts and valid work permits. Nonetheless, their plight could be alleviated, if the Korean government could be persuaded to formalize the recruitment of Ghanaian youth through mutually-recognized channels and within a well-defined legal framework under the work permit system which Korea offers to citizens from neigbouring countries such as Vietnam, Philippines, Laos, among others.
During January through September 2008, total number of 1,402 Ghanaians visited Korea while 869 Korean nationals visited Ghana the same period. In addition, 24 travel certificates were issued to Ghanaians returning home.
In October 2009, total of 986 Koreans (predominantly businessmen) visited Ghana while 809 Ghanaian visited Korea during the same. The number was made up of illegal residents and businessmen who stay at short periods and return home on completion of their business activities. The year recorded the arrest and deportation of 93 Ghanaians for either engaging in illegal businesses such as drug trading or overstaying their visa durations

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