Business Visa

A. Application For Ghana Entry Permit/Visa Form (Download from the Embassy Website) :
2 original (all signed)

B. 2 (all same) Passport sized Photographs (please affix pictures before submission)

C – i. Employee: Letter of Recommendation or Travel Order from
applicants’ employers or sponsors (for Employees) (1 original / 1 copy )
& The bank statement from the company (1 original / 1 copy)

C – ii. Business Registration Certificate with English translation
:for Self Employed person or president of small- medium size companies (1 original / 1 copy)
& Bank statement in English (1 original / 1 copy)

D. Letter of Invitation from Ghana ( 1 original / 1 copy)

E. Vaccination Certificate Against Yellow Fever
Tel.No. of Incheon Airport National Quarantine Station :032-740-2703 or
Tel.NO. of National Medical Centre :02-2260-7092
(1 original, 1 copy – A4 size)

F. Copy of Return Air Ticket or Return Travel Itinerary (for all the travelers)
(2 copies – A4 size)

G. A fee of
W80,000 ( Single Entry for 30 Days),
W100,000 ( Single Entry for 3 months) ,
W120,000 ( Multiple Entry for 6 months ) or
W150,000 ( Multiple Entry for 1 year ).

Express Fee : W40,000

Please note:
The above documents are to be submitted in quadruplicate (2 sets ) together with a valid passport.

VISA APPLICATION FORMS must be completed in Typed CAPITAL LETTERS only


Read the General Guidelines for Visa Application